Friday, 17 June 2016

Throws In Soccer/Football And How To Take Them

How To Take A Throw In: In order for a player to effectively make a throw, the feet of the player should be on or just behind the touchline of the field, with both feet remaining on the pitch throughout, the player should stand facing the football pitch, with his or her feet apart and part of both feet touching the pitch/football field. The player should place both hands on the ball gripping the ball firmly,with fingers apart and pointing straight ahead, the player should take the ball behind his or her head so that the ball makes contact with the neck, at this stage the fingers should be pointing backwards and elbows pointing out to the side, the player should then throw the ball over his or her head onto the football field, bending his or her back for greater power and force, in order to make the throw more effective, the player should drag the toes of the rear foot when making the throw, pointing the elbows out to the sides and following through with the throw
How To Take A Long Throw

In order to make a long throw the player must get a firm grip of the ball, making sure his or her hands are not wet or sweaty, in order to prevent the ball from slipping from the player's hand the player can request for a hand towel from the ball boy, to quickly dry his or her palms. 
The player should generate pace by gripping the ball firmly in front of him or her, and in fast motion, take the ball behind the head, and throw it forward. The player should make a run of at least four yards, before reaching the touchline, when the player gets to the touchline, the player must stamp down with his or her plant foot, in order to generate power and momentum using the knee and foot.

Foul Throws

A player could commit a foul throw offence by doing any of the following below:
1) If the player lifts one of his or her feet off the ground before taking, the throw
2) If the player does not take the ball behind his or her head
3) If the player stylishly uses one hand to make a throw 

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