Thursday, 16 June 2016

How To Take A Perfect Free-Kick

‎1) Decide On Where You Want To Strike The Ball

Before a player takes a free-kick, the player should first choose where he or she wants to hit the ball. Do not be in a hurry to determine the positioning of the free-kick, the wall arrangement/formation as well as the positioning of the goal keeper. The player should ask himself a question " do I have any prior knowledge of where the goal keeper is standing?", this question would assist the player in making the best decision and judgement, then the player should focus on hitting the target regardless of the situation.

2) Ascertain Your Run-Up

If a player is taking a free kick a long way out from the goal post, the player should stand at most five meters off the ball, then the player should make a run of at least three to four steps towards the ball in order to gain and gather speed, momentum and power for the shot. If the free-kick to be taken is closer to the goal post, the player should take one long step, with the player's standing foot closer to the ball. The closer the player's standing foot is to the ball, the better the accuracy of the shot.

3) Be Focused 

For a player to strike a perfect free-kick, the player should have full concentration, a player has to be focused, to hit the target. The player should ignore all forms of distractions, fear and anxiety, the player should be focused on what to do. Even after rigorous training most players hardly remain focused at the end of the day.

4) Aim For The Ball To Swerve

Every player's objective to taking a good free-kick should be to aim for the ball to swerve, this could be achieved by the player making a straight run-up, towards the ball, and striking the ball, the inside of the foot, just like making a pass but this time applying more pressure to the ball, the player should try as much as possible to hit the centre of the ball, making a connection with the bottom of the ball and driving up through the ball, this would cause the ball to dip, thereby confusing the goal keeper.

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