Friday, 17 June 2016

How To Chip A Ball

To Chip: Chip means when the ball travels in a tall parabolic arc, usually used to lift the ball up and over a short distance, rather than a long soaring flight, in addition, a player is said to have successfully chipped the ball, when the toe of his striking foot causes the ball to make a parabolic arc upon impact.

How To Chip A Ball 

In order for a player to chip the ball, the player should first approach the ball at a slight angle, placing the non-kicking foot roughly 6 inches beside the ball and slightly behind the ball. The player should then take a back swing with his or her kicking foot, bearing in mind that a shorter back swing would allow for more control and better placement, the player should angle his or her toe down, make contact with the ball just below it's centre, simultaneously leaning back as he or she kicks the ball in order to increase the lift of the ball, the farther a player leans back the greater the ball's parabolic arc

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