Friday, 17 June 2016

Functions, Roles And Duties Of A Fourth Official Before, During And After A Football Match

The following are the duties of a fourth official: 

1) The fourth official helps with player substitution during a football match 
2) The fourth official helps with administrative duties before, during and after a football match 
3) The fourth official helps to assess the player's equipment, kits and all gadgets possessed by the player before entering the field of play
4) The fourth official ensures all players substitutions are carried out in an orderly fashion 
5) The fourth official informs the referee of the details of the substitution using the electronic number display board
6) The fourth official notifies the respective teams and spectators by means of the electronic number board display the injury time allocated at the end of each half, after receiving a permission from the referee 
7) The fourth official acts as a point of contact between the match officiating crew members, and all non - participants such as; stadium administrators, securities, commentators, football analyst, TV/broadcast crew teams, and ball boys.
8) The fourth official intercedes in all forms of rancour, indiscipline,hooliganism, between players on the bench and in situations where team managers/coaches become agitated
9) The fourth official assists the referee when he makes little errors and omissions,like forgetting to book a player, giving yellow card to a player twice and forgetting to send the player off the field, giving red card to the wrong player, and mistakenly booking the wrong player
10) The fourth official could be called upon to relieve the referee or linesman of his or her duties, if they cannot continue either due to injury or stadium violence.

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