Saturday, 18 June 2016

An Overview About The Manufacturing Process of Soccer Balls

‎Let us talk about the most important thing associated with soccer. Any guess? Yes, you are correct, we are discussing soccer balls. The fans & lovers of this game possess full knowledge about the rules, conditions and various other things. But, they really don't know about the manufacturing process associated with the production of the balls.

The soccer balls are created as per the specifications provided by the official authority. The size of the ball differs from the players having the different age group. The manufacturers try hard to develop these in accordance with the specifications provided by the official authority. Some of the guidelines that are followed during the whole procedure are discussed here.
Outer Covering

The authority has recommended to use rubber as the material for the outer covering. The soccer ball manufacturers are using exceptional quality synthetic rubber. This is preferred over leather. The reason for this is that the leather has the ability to absorb moisture. This makes the ball heavier than the prescribed weight making it useless to play. So, to combat this, exceptional quality rubber is widely employed.


This is basically the multiple layers of rubber which are provided beneath the outer covering. The game is full of amusement and for this, it is necessary that the ball should provide the proper bounce. This bounce is provided with the help of the lining. The multiple layers of rubber help in providing the significant bounce to the ball. More importantly, it also provides durability & strength to this. As it has to bear the pain of the kicking, these layers help in providing significant strength to this.


The air bladder is another very important component of this product. It helps in retaining the air inside it in order to give soccer ball, a proper shape. This is also manufactured using premium grade rubber as it doesn't allow the leakage of the air.

The manufacturers, nowadays, are using advanced machines of stitching. This helps in providing strength and enhancing the life of the ball.

These are certain things that are kept in the mind during the production of the soccer balls. The manufacturers strive hard to develop these as per the specifications of the official authority. In addition to this, the quality testing is also provided in order to maintain international quality standards in the products.

How to buy these?

There are various soccer ball shops that are offering this product. The teams or the players that are looking for this can easily buy these from them at affordable rates.

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